Have you ever wondered how on earth other people look fabulous every time? You imagine that they must have so much time on their hands because it must take ages for anyone to appear that fab steadily. You’re wrong my dear. You know why? Some of us technically exist on 3-4 hours of sleep every night. Yeah, that’s my reality – I’ve got two wonderful tiny humans remember?

Anyway if you are like me and you have young children, you work or study at “witching hours”, then you would agree that it could be really hard to step outside without having eye bags the size of lemons under your eyes. Now the good news is over the years, I’ve mastered this technique I’m about to share with you. Its very pocket friendly and you don’t need to have loads of beauty products to achieve it.

Cos nothing beats getting compliments from people – aka strangers about your glowing looks right? Haha!

So without further ado, here is what you need to do;

  • Know your skin type – This is very important because it will form the basis of what skin products you use. There are lots of information about this on the internet – so get searching. And if you don’t already have a nightly skin routine, start one- again you don’t need loads of product, just a good facial massage with a cleanser will do. Your skin will thank you for it in the morning when you are in a rush to leave the house. Quick tip; there are beauty brands that offer face mapping skin analysis online. This worked for me at the time.
  • Get a good moisturizer – As soon as you know your skin type, then you need to find a good moisturizer. Again do your research girl- it’s really simple. Please don’t buy a moisturizer just because a friend uses it. Find what’s best for you. Quick tip; there are beauty brands that would recommend what to use after your skin analysis. Also, you can buy a small bottle to start with just to see how your skin reacts to it.
  • Invest in a good foundation – Now I know there are tons of videos on youtube about makeup where you see people literally use a thousand products on their face. The good news is you just need a good foundation that matches your complexion especially if you don’t have so much time. Quick tip; you can use your fingertips to apply in circular motions.
  • Know your face – Sounds obvious right? Well, I will just still say it. It’s very important; for instance, if you’ve got lovely eyes, you should focus on it, full lips, high cheekbones, forehead, jaw, etc – focus on it. It will save you precious time and make it easier for you to look stunning in a flash. Quick tip; use bright colors for your eyes or lips because it wakes your face up instantly.
  • Finally, walk your shine – Girl I say this to my self all the time. Be confident, you look fab.

Everyone knows that if you look good, you would feel good – they work hand in hand. And this will help you to carry on with the confidence you need to achieve your daily goals. So get out there and live your best life.



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