Oh yes, it’s the great reveal – I’m a child! And this is especially fascinating for someone who is some decades old in human years. Now, I’ve had my fair share of experiences since ‘growing up’ but it simply dawned on me that sometimes I just want to literally shrink.

I mean I wish I could remain cute and cuddly and never have to grow up. Where did this feeling come from?

“Adulting” is tiring mehn!

Well, blame it on my lil bubba who is the cutest little girl you would ever see. *wink* Yeah so while I was watching her play and giggle without a care in the world, I realized that I was tired of being a grown-up. Now I thought to myself; if only I could just go back in time to the days of glorious innocence – where it wasn’t a problem what I ate, wore, or ever did.

Those were the good old days I say. *sighs*

Then I remember that it would mean I’d have to start school all over again. And the thought of studying different subjects especially the dreaded maths lessons – quickly brings me back to reality.

But seriously though, time flies.

Okay rant over, this post is to let you know that it is okay to be worried about life as a “grown-up”. It is quite normal to be terrified about making major decisions concerning your life and future. But then one must realize that every decision you make is important.

I mean every single one of them no matter how trivial it is.

Although I’m still technically a child, I’ve woken up to the understanding that I need to focus to continue to navigate through life. It can only better as you go along.

Make up your mind to be conscious of the consequences of every decision you make.




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