If you are a foodie like me, you would not deny the paramount place rice occupies in your diet. It’s amazing what a bowl of piping hot fried rice could do to your taste buds. Here I will share a quick tip on how to cook brown basmati rice but before I continue, pardon me because I need to share how I feel at the thought of rice.

Aggghhh its glorious!

Now I’m not about to give you a recipe for making my famous fried rice just yet as seen in the picture for this post – we will get round to that in the very near future. But I was just making a mental note of what my family’s diet was made of and I was quite pleased with the progress we’ve made so far. We still eat rice quite a bit weekly but its no longer white rice.

Anyone heard of brown basmati rice? No? It’s in the first paragragh babe! Then you must head to your nearest supermarket and pray they have a good brand in stock. Yeah, it’s so good especially if you are keen on healthy eating. It contains about three times more fibre and is higher in protein than white rice. This brings it to my most favourite attributes – it promotes feelings of fullness. So straight to the most crucial part of this post;

How to cook brown basmati rice

Worried about how to cook it? It’s easy to cook. You can cook it the same way as your regular white rice only this takes a little longer to be tender and fluffy.

Wash rice until water is clear and pour into boiling water.

Cooking time is 30-35 mins with water poured in gradually as it cooks. But don’t worry you will get pass marks after your first try. Also, it’s very flexible to cook which means you can pretty much cook it however you like e.g plain with a sauce, fried with vegetables etc.

I was amazed at how tasty it was because I must confess just looking at the brown basmati rice still in its bag, could make you panic a tiny bit – suffice it to say it lacks a lot in the looks department. You get my drift right?


What have I been saying?

Honestly, switching to brown basmati rice has been a hit in my household. So if like me you love to eat rice and can’t deal with all the kerfuffle around healthy eating – and by the way, cauliflower is NOT rice no matter how hard you “package” it – (yep, I said it) then give brown basmati rice a try.



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