First of all, I’d like to say this; welcome to my midnight adventure.

So like many other people, I tend to be awake until around 2-3 am – yeah then I retire my tired eyes. Wait! Its the crazy lady! Does this happen to just me? Well, who knows…

Anyways my nightly routine usually goes like clockwork to minimize the extra time spent reading the same bedtime story over and over again (P:S you’d get my drift if you have two wonderful tiny humans who need a bedtime story before they get some sleep).

So as soon as everyone goes to bed including le hubs, I find something to munch in the kitchen, pick up my phone, and do my online rounds to see what important news or juicy gossip I’ve missed during the day bla blabla.

And the most important bit of my midnight adventure;

I open my window, put my head slightly out, and just stay there. Doing what @ 2 am crazy lady? Well, you are about to find out.

Now I cant deny the joy I feel when I’m standing by my window at midnight just dreaming and letting the night breeze wash over my face. Its pure magic if I say so myself. So some of my favorite activities while my head is outside my window at this time are; checking to see if the neighbor’s cat has gone round to the open field near us,  looking out for strange cars or people walking home – err mmm wait for it … I look out for suspicious people walking around my neighborhood (a bit like Inspector Clouseau in Pink Panther but without the parking tickets). And sometimes, I just simply imagine that I had superpowers.

Weird right?  Naaahh I don’t think so.

As a mum of two young children, this quiet time alone at midnight is absolute bliss and I get cranky if I’m interrupted – which unfortunately happens more than I would like. The thing is I don’t think I suffer from any sleeping disorders but in recent years, work commitments and starting a family have altered my body clock. I’m awake at odd times of the night now.

Any complaints? Mmmmm maybe only that I’d like to stay longer in bed come morning.

Now are my alone in this, I hope not. Do share your amazing midnight adventures in the comment section. This should be fun.



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