Welcome to August lovelies. Being organized is one problem that is familiar with most people – including me. But over the years I have continued to look for easy ways on how to be organized and I have constantly fine-tuned it to fit around my life.

Now it can be super boring and somewhat overwhelming when you a thousand things to do, but don’t even know where to start from. Oh, the frustration is real guys, from little things like forgetting to call your energy supplier to even forgetting a dear friend’s birthday. It all puts so much stress on our everyday life.

But since this pandemic, I have had a bit more time to organise my life. So without further ado, here’s how I stay organised;

Have a to-do list – Sounds really simple but this has made all the difference for me. Writing a to-do list gives me a sense of direction. You can download apps to help you with this or just do it the old fashioned way and stick it on a board where you can see it easily. If it’s an important task, write it down ✍

Declutter regularly – You truly never know how much stuff you have until you declutter. I found three empty shoe boxes just lying at the bottom of my wardrobe – how long has it been there?? Who knows *shrugs*.

Anyways, you need to declutter regularly so you can get rid of unwanted items. Also, you don’t need to put everything in the bin in a fit of rage, take them to charity shops – you would be doing someone else a favor.

Celebrate the small wins- I know this is not usually what you hear when you read about organizing your life but girl it’s vital.

I do a little dance when I see a checked little green arrow after my done task. It’s exhilarating I tell you. Do one thing at a time and no matter how small you consider the task to be, celebrate it so that you can be motivated enough to continue doing others.

Buy storage boxes – Amongst other boxes, I have a box filled with knick-knacks ranging from sewing thread, empty tiny refill bottles, rubber band, and whatnot. I mean its a box of everything literally for the off chance that I would need it someday. You don’t need to buy anything too fancy as long as it’s got a lid to protect your stuff from dust. Let things have a place in your home to avoid having stuff lying around everywhere.

So there you have it – it doesn’t have to be boring when you are doing a bit of “life admin”. Make it fun, play some music to help your morale. You can do it!

P:S I’d love to read any suggestions on how you organise your life, please use the comment section below.


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