Like many people, the last four months of living in lockdown has been filled with lessons or mainly just fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of other people, the news, and even my own hands. The coronavirus pandemic is still ravaging the world and has caused so much damage that no one can really comprehend. However, I will be sharing four lessons I’ve learned living in lockdown

It’s trying times indeed. It started with making a mental note of how my family and I would survive if civilization finally collapsed by that I mean how we would survive without being able to buy milk from the shops and eventually progressed to how not to catch the virus.

Yep, in the beginning, it was more survival in terms of food/household supplies than fear. But as it gradually dawned on me that something major is happening, I decided to embrace it and make the best out of it. The issue became how to keep my family entertained indoors regardless of everything happening in the world outside because the truth remains that time waits for no one. The days continued to fly past. So how do you carry on really?

Well, you are about to find out. First, it started with baking anything and everything e.g biscuits, bread, cake – yes I DIYed my daughter’s first birthday cake in April, then it progressed to being a craft guru since I watched tons of videos online on how to make stuff, and eventually to being a skipping champion until I got tired of the whole thing and just stopped.

It was all marvellous chaos trust me. So amongst other things, here are 4 lessons I learnt from living in lockdown during a pandemic;

  • Plans change no matter what/who made them – This is the bitter truth. Initially, you feel like you are in control of things happening around you until you realize that you are not. Just before the lockdown, I was looking forward to Mother’s day – yes you guessed it, it was spent indoors. No one saw that coming. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, festivals, etc were just canceled. It looked impossible but then it happened. Suddenly, I realized that most things can be done differently eg virtual concerts, telephone consultations with GPs, etc. Guess what – we thrived
  • Hand washing would save my life – Yes something as trivial as hand washing became a massive deal during the lockdown. There were campaigns on how best to wash your hands and even what songs to sing while doing it to ensure that you’ve washed them for long enough to kill the bad germs. Unbelievable! But since I now know that I touch my face more times than I realized, I washed my hands till my skin nearly fell off.
  • Learning to play an instrument is hard workOMG this can’t be that hard – oh yeah that was what crossed my mind when I watched the BBC’s proms. Now because I had a little more time on my hands as a result of the lockdown, I decided to follow my lifelong dream of learning to play the piano. (P:S I’ve owned a piano for the past six years without knowing more than the do-re-mi notes). Anyway, I was in for a rude shock – its sooooo hard guys – I can’t emphasize the hard part enough. I will just leave it here.
  • Patience became second nature – Yes suddenly I had no rush to leave for work or school runs anymore during the lockdown. Imagine! Life slowed down to a wonderful pace I dare say. Queuing in shops? Oh, it was endless. George Mike famously said; an Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one. So imagine when there was an actual need to queue; it was superb.
  • Human kindness was overwhelming – Everyone just wanted to do something to help others during the lockdown. Key workers worked tirelessly, the news was filled with various individual and community efforts to help one another. The milk of human kindness continued to flow endlessly. It was truly amazing.

Finally, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has lost a loved one during this pandemic. As the world continues to battle this virus, it’s my wish that you can look round and see the beauty of what’s left of the world around you.



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