August has flown by- did you notice?

Anyway, its lovely to be back again after a few rough days last week. 

Did you notice the picture on this post? 

Okay I need to write this before you continue reading. No this post is not about the colour pink. The cute bag and slippers is actually my daughter’s. She has been literally obsessed with it since she got it, she takes it everywhere and just before she took a nap this afternoon, she set it up this way on the footstool.

I took one look at it and decided to take a picture of it while she slept. It looked soooooo good ? I decided to use it on this post since I was in need of a picture ? for this post anyway.

So back to our discussion.

Many times, we try really hard to pursue careers or businesses for  financial gains – aka to pay bills.

And we are slow to acknowledge and harness our unique abilities.

In my opinion, this reluctance simply comes from FEAR!

Can I do it?
Will I be good enough?? 
Have I got the time??? etc

Thank God you have read this to this point. Truth be told, I second guess myself on taking major decisions. But gradually, I’ve come to understand that my talents are unique and precious.

Its helped me gain the confidence I need to leave my comfort zone and do more to pursue my passion.

So I say to you today as you read this – find what you love to do regardless of financial gains, what people think or how far others have gone.

You are good enough the way you are. There is no right or wrong way to pursue your talent. There’s only your way.

One of my mentors, Stephen Guise once wrote; “even if I lack talent, I would not abandon my effort on that account”.

Truly, your efforts counts for something. Let nothing hold you back.

Pablo Picasso also said;
“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

So what are you waiting for? Pursue your God given talents today.



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