I was going through my phone and found some words I’d typed while watching a movie, a comedy show or just plain documentaries.

Some of them I remember what character said it in the movie while some I just dont know where it was said but it somehow ended up on my phone.

So here goes some of the collection;

I feel like I’ve turned up at an earthquake  with a dust pan and a brush – cant remember who said this; *Sorry*

You will disappoint your children sometimes but there is no need to start early – Lady Mae in Greenleaf

Sympathy is not a currency, it’s not to be traded- Lady Mae in Greenleaf.

Yeah I loved watching Greenleaf.

And this one from my favourite comedian;

Don’t wish to be a hero because heroes die uncomfortable deaths –  Dave Chappelle


It’s amazing how words can make a deep connection even when you think you are not really paying attention.

Fingers crossed, maybe this post would turn into a series. Who knows??

Just watch this space.



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