Like many people, I only heard of Zoom, Google classroom in passing prior to Covid.

Didn’t even know that Houseparty or Drawful were a thing??‍♀️. Duolingo?? Nah never heard of it too.

But since March, I have found myself using some of these Apps and many more to keep in touch with family and friends. Don’t worry this post is not a lecture on anything virtual, its simply my experience since the world went virtual.

One of the changes I’ve noticed is that call centres are now adopting working from home too. So instead of hearing the clickety click of the operative typing away on their keyboard,  you hear a warning instead. Something along the lines of; you might hear some background noise during this call.

Background noise?

You mean like a child wailing?

Now, I find this so hilarious because prior to covid, it is almost impossible for that to happen during a call with most companies.

Goodbye stiff neck professionalism, and hello anything can happen Monday or everyday of the week basically?

I Love It! This new normal I mean.

Again important life events have now become virtual – think weddings, baby shower, naming ceremony, graduation parties etc. We’ve all embraced this new normal which is brilliant ? ??

Also, during this time, its safe to say we’ve seen it all in terms of how life has changed on screen. Its no longer weird for live interviews to be done with a messy bed in the background, or for a cat to casually chill on a book shelve. Bye bye sitting in front of plain walls, humongous bookcases, cheesy art decor are now the in thing.

The chief of all though remains the awkward camera angles which tend to happen when your camera suddenly moves to undesirable angles and then you might realise- my nose has grown massive?? Its a witch hunt?

So we’ve spent so much time staring at our faces this past couple of months and those in the cosmetic industry are cashing out I hear.


Because so many of us have embraced having work done to our faces – Win!

For me, it certainly made me start  wearing concealer everytime I wear makeup because it turns out my upper lip is darker than I give it credit for? and the dark circles around my eye, well that has a mind of its own?

The upside though remains the fact that we humans are resilient so we have continued to keep in touch with family and friends however we can at a time like this.


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