Hey guys its another wonderful week!

And its September…

I know I’m nine days behind ???

Who cares? Maybe because I’m one of those marvellous people that would reply your text/chat 3 days after it was sent??‍♀️??‍♀️

Anyways its so good to be able to write this even as our children return back to school.

So back to this discussion. 

Recently, since this pandemic began, I’ve found myself relying heavily on online shopping and by extension delivery drivers.

I mean like most people, I now buy literally everything online but I still visit the shops to buy things that I need to see physically before I make a purchase  (for example I need to pick my milk from the back of the fridge, my reason for doing this is cos aside from the person who stacked it, very few people have touched it?).

So I’ve relied so much on this online deliveries over the last couple of months that I’ve not had the courage to check how much it has all cost me. 

Now, I must say my Amazon & DPD guys are quite good ? with their game. 

Wait wait; “quite good”?

And for social distancing reasons, they don’t have to try to pronounce my first class African name. Its hilarious and perfect at the same time.

Yes, I use the words “quite good” because there have been times when I have been excited to hear that knock on my front door signalling their arrival and at other times, its became a complete nuisance call.

Now these people have been a lifeline to many people during this pandemic. And I applaud their immense dedication when they are right on time, say a quick hello before they leave, deliver my parcel in one piece without any damage.

But they are a nightmare when they are in such a hurry that they just drop a sorry we missed you note when they haven’t even knocked.

Or that time they did not bother to turn up at all and I got no notification from my track-my-parcel app

Or worse still, that time when they dropped my parcel in my wheelie bin without first asking me if they can do so. How rude!

So when my cleanser and body moisturisers is three days late when its supposed to be next day delivery in August I must add, it absolutely ticks me off.

Vain much did you just say?? Well a girl is allowed to be vain sometimes??‍♀️

Seriously though, sometimes I wonder how I could have got through this pandemic without this vital service.

Because even when the lockdown was in full throttle, the joy of trying on a new pair of heels ? I just bought online even if its uncertain when I will wear it out is second to none. 

So let’s have it, what has been your experience with online shopping during the pandemic? Please use the comments section below.

Stay blessed!


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