If you have little children and still want to have the odd meal out, you would agree with me that since the pandemic this has become almost impossible.

Naturally, when it comes to my children I am very careful to make sure that they are not exposed to this virus regardless of what the government says about the low risk to children.

But having to stay home and cook every meal since the lockdown in March has taken its toll and I’m left craving to eat something that did not come from my kitchen.

Dilemma is; how do I balance my want to eat out and my anxiety about this horrible virus?

Well, here’s what i did;

1) I carefully researched the safety precautions in place in my favourite restaurant and called in just to enquire further and get their assurances. Note; my anxiety on this issue did not let me seek out new places to eat – I mean the devil you know guys is all I can say??‍♀️

2) After speaking to a member of staff at the restaurant to allay my fears, my imaginations went into overdrive and I took a mental note of all the precautions I have to take while we’re eating out.

3) Of course, as a fellow anxious mum, I would advise you take disposable cutlery that you and your family would use – good on you if you can use the ones provided at the restaurant but don’t forget it’s my first time out dining with my family so I’m taking baby steps on this one.

4) As you probably already do, invest in pocket-size hand sanitizers and antiseptic wipes.  I use these to wipe down the tabletops and surfaces where my kids would touch immediately we got there just for the extra peace of mind.

Now I must applaud the brilliant work that these establishments are doing to ensure that they stick to COVID-19 regulations. Its hard work for them you know. But as an anxious mum, I am not leaving anything to chance.

5) So back to this discussion, go with your own bottled water, drinks or juices. My rationale behind this is, we would be eating only food that has been cooked. Tap water? No chance guys. Another reason for me is because my oldest daughter tends to take her time when drinking her juice – as a certified princess that she is ??

So I don’t want to take chances with her taking some from the restaurant back home with her.

And finally,

6) Wipe your hands and sanitise them as soon as you finish eating and when you are ready to leave, bin every disposable cutlery,  bottles etc that was used and go on your merry way.

After all this, I know you are eager to ask; did we enjoy ourselves?

My answer is YES. In fact, it was soooo good ?and so much fun that my daughter immediately asked that we come back the next day. Indeed God is our safety.

 So what was the fuss about?

Well I’m an anxious mum – seriously its my job???

Let’s make this fun, what was your experience the first time you ate out with young children? Please use the comment section below



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